Friday, October 23, 2015

Change isn't Easy

   It is no secret I run too fast and for years it worked for me. Of course back then I was only running 3 days a week and all I ran was 5k's. As I began to get more serious with my running and moved up to the half marathon it still worked. When I decided I wanted to push it to the marathon distance things needed to change.

   Things did begin to change as far as the distances but the mind set didn't. I still did the majority of my runs at a higher pace than I needed too. This began to lead to over training, serious fatigue and health issues. So I began to read and study more about running particularly heart rate training. I read everyone from Maffetone to Joe Friel and one thing stuck out. Regardless of the method the majority of training is done at a slow pace.

   Fast forward into my 3rd year of running and I still haven't learned. Yes, I'm still popping Pr's but I have had my fair share of injuries. Honestly I think most of my Pr's are flukes as I haven't even touched my true potential. So what is there left for me to do, well this year I have decided to stop fighting it. I am done doing it my way,  It is time for me to implement change regardless if I like it or not. I have to change my habits now or I will never truly grow not only as a runner but as a person.

   How do I plan to change you ask, well for starters I need to slow down. That's right 80-90% of my runs need to be done slower. Second I need to build consistency and increase my weekly mileage. Twenty to thirty miles a week worked for 5k's and even half marathons but not anymore. Last but not least, I need to stop racing so much. Not stop racing but I need to stop running every race as if its thee race. I need maybe one or two goal races a year to focus on, like one spring and one fall race.

Starting now I am working on increasing my weekly mileage by 10% a week. I hope to eventually work myself up to 50 miles a week on a consistent basis. At the same time I also need to give room for life and be willing to sacrifice that goal. Change won't be easy and I doubt it will come that fast but if I can do this the sky truly is the limit.