Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Struggle with Good Speed Work.

     I know its been awhile but there has been a lot going on. So many things have changed in my personal life and in my running. There has also been some major changes in my racing goals.

  Since we last spoke its been a struggle to get the miles in. I had hit a down patch in September and it took me a while to climb out. Luckily for me I had a good friend who encouraged me to come out for a 10k. So my son and I ran it and we did alright, it was just enough suffering to provoke me back into training for RnR Vegas.

     The Jones and I started Half training in earnest, determined to race our selves back into shape. So when the opportunity arose for a 15K for another worthy charity here in Phoenix we jumped at it. I needed to see where I was speed wise and how my cardiovascular system was coming along. I made huge jumps in both my pace, my breathing was better and my HR was much lower.

   We continued to train and both of us began to see huge jumps in our performance. This led us to be very confident heading into today's speed work. I was determined we weren't going to burn ourselves out. We had 9 X 400 at 7:17 a mile with 400 rest between. We kept to our paces and actually negative split the entire spadework. When we finished it up we weren't even worn out at all. This had me both encouraged and a bit depressed.

     I should have been happy, the run showed we have progressed. Yet I just felt confused because I guess I just expected it to be harder. In the end I believe it was good and we are coming up to speed just in time for Vegas. So I guess I just need to be happy and keep on keeping on.